Ms. Carol Miller Schaefer, CCR


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Collegiate bookstore retailing is my passion. I have a large variety of retail and management experience with both public and private companies. I have been really lucky to use this experience and have used the opportunities given to be creative in the collegiate retailing world. I profoundly believe that institutional ownership of college bookstores is key to providing affordable options for students. The college store industry is the leader in being the advocate for students for course materials. I believe I am a thinker, a doer, open minded and thoughtful. As a National Association of College Stores Past President, I have seen the industry from the inside out, top to bottom and have connections in every corner of our industry. I believe there are fantastic opportunities for college stores if we're willing to take some strategic risks and not get caught in what's been done in the past.

Specialties: Leadership, retail, industry connections, public speaking, contract negotiations, inventory managment, education facilitator, college bookstore financial experience, retail experience, copyright clearance, digital content management, Student Affairs, General Book buyer