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R. Todd Smith, CCR, sold his first textbook in 19XX, when he worked as a temp in the Young Harris University’s “book closet.” He was hooked. He has worked in bookstores for more than two decades, and began his career in campus stores in 2000 as an Assistant Manager at the Macon State College Bookstore, where he soon became Manager and then was promoted to Retail Director. He moved from Macon State to the University of Georgia Bookstore in 2007, where he was an Associate Director. In 2010, he became Manager of the Clayton State University Bookstore, which soon after changed its name to the Loch Shop. He was named Director of Campus Store Services in 2012. The Loch Shop received Honorable Mention for the NACS Collegiate Retailer of the Year Award in 2013.

Todd is finishing the last of his three year term on the NACS Board of Trustees as the last (after the move away from geographical to at-large positions) Trustee of the East. He currently serves as the Chair of both the Education Committee and the Membership and Bylaws Committee. In October 2016, he will become the President of the Georgia Association of College Stores, where for the last three years he has championed and hosted Heads or Tails games to benefit the NACS Foundation, each year raising more funds than the previous year.

Todd is a member of the National Book Critics Circle, and his book reviews have appeared in Publishers Weekly, The Oxford American, Book Magazine, and BookPages, among others. He has published two “For What It’s Worth” columns in The College Store magazine. His creative writing has appeared in Journal of Experimental Fiction, The Sonoma State Mandala, Rain City Review, and several other journals.