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Professionally, I am multiple things; manager, buyer, sales person, inventory controller, communicator, etc. But, more importantly, I am a father to 2 great kids and a Christian. 

Throughout my 20+ year career in retail, I have worn many hats and employed in a variety of fields. From sales rep to store manager. From small business sporting goods to a professional football team and now higher education. I have been tasked with turning around struggling stores with success. I have won sales and merchandising awards in my career. My passion for retail has taken me many places and given me so many amazing experiences for which I am grateful.

Currently, I have the privilege to work at York College of Pennsylvania where I work closely with the faculty as well as our online bookstore, Akademos, to supply the student base with cost effective textbooks and course supplies. Also, to provide the best customer service to our student body to assist them in their experiences.