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Driven and motivated retail manager with over 24 years retail experience and over 23 years in retail management. Paul has worked at the store level for two nationwide retail chains in multiple positions within the store structure as well as in multiple positions within the campus store of his alma mater.

Starting as a cashier with Blockbuster Video, Paul quickly moved up into management and became more involved with the daily running of a various thriving chain locations, in the Chicago suburban and Grand Rapids, MI markets. While he was with Blockbuster, he worked at multiple locations in different communities, each with their own challenges. During a 3-4 week period, Paul stepped in as acting store manager and was responsible for all aspects of store operation.

After over 6 years with Blockbuster, Paul transitioned to retail chain pharmacy, entering Walgreens at the entry management level, where he learned the basics of retail chain pharmacy over the next 2.5 years. In April of 2007, Paul was promoted to the position of Assistant Store Manager (ASM) and in July of 2008 he completed the requirements to become a certified pharmacy technician (CPhT) and a Certified Assistant Store Manager.

Paul has worked with many store and district managers to learn the intricacies of running a retail chain pharmacy, including tasks such as ordering, sales forecasting, inventory control, hiring, coaching, and how to drive employee engagement. He has worked multiple locations including new and old stores, busy and slow stores, and inner city and suburban stores. Paul served as Acting Store Manager at a Wyoming, MI Walgreens location, before finishing his career with Walgreens in his ASM role.

Currently, Paul is embracing his role and responsibilities as the Manager for Technology, Supplies, and Copy Services at his alma mater Grand Valley State University, where he is constantly looking to innovate and improve both customer experience and store operations.