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  1. Stacy Elofir
    Stacy Elofir

    Towson University Store
    Towson, MD

    63 Points

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    Rochelle McCoy

    49er Shops, Inc.
    Long Beach, CA

    58 Points

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    Sonda Ropp Reinartz

    Missouri State Bookstore
    Springfield, MO

    51 Points

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    RE: Looking to Purchase Textbooks

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    Ken, We are no longer in need of that title. Thanks for responding. Best, Carl

  • Alice Lee Williams

    Director Position Available - The WKU Store

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    About Western Kentucky University: Western Kentucky University aspires to be the University of...

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    RE: Newsletters, blogs, RSS feeds that you subscribe...

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    Thanks everyone for the suggestions. Another one that I had forgotten I was signed up for is "The...

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    RE: Backpacks in the Store

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    During the first week of rush my store has backpack tents set up outside the store that student groups...

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