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    Rochelle McCoy

    49er Shops, Inc.
    Long Beach, CA

    58 Points

  2. Kathleen Grace
    Kathleen Grace

    Swarthmore College Bookstore
    Swarthmore, PA

    46 Points

  3. Stacy Elofir
    Stacy Elofir

    Towson University Store
    Towson, MD

    37 Points

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  • J Bryson Baker

    RE: Tech Repairs through the Bookstore

    Posted in: Hub Global Commun...

    Nichol, This is a great idea. We reached out to a local provider of these services called CPR....

  • Patti Havlicek

    RE: Customer Service Supervisor Job Description...

    Posted in: Hub Global Commun...

    Stacy, I am in the process of re-writing the Tech Store Supervisor position description. I over...

  • photo not available

    RE: Billiard Merchandise

    Posted in: Hub Global Commun...

    Hi Loretta, A good resource for collegiate bar stools is: Holland Bar Stool Co. ...

  • Stacy Elofir

    RE: Newsletters, blogs, RSS feeds that you subscribe...

    Posted in: Hub Global Commun...

    Ooooh thanks! I have most of those as well but I got a few new ones. Stacy

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