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  1. Steve Bartek
    Steve Bartek

    Nebraska Book Company
    Lincoln, NE

    74 Points

  2. Lindsey Richardt
    Lindsey Richardt

    Herff Jones/LogoArt
    Indianapolis, IN

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  3. Kevin Leitner
    Kevin Leitner

    Kent State University-Stark Campus Bookstore
    North Canton, OH

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  • photo not available

    New student center/campus store

    Posted in: Hub Global Commun...

    We're moving ahead with plans for a new student center at BW. Thought we're still in the planning...

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    RE: Rep for Storm

    Posted in: Hub Global Commun...

    Bonnie Shedrain is also a good supplier of umbrellas. It is a Portland Oregon Company; since it...

  • Lisa Walden

    Marketing and Campus Relations session help!

    Posted in: Hub Global Commun...

    Hi everyone, The Marketing and Campus Relations Council is putting together a session for Camex...

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  • Bonnie Davis

    RE: Rep for Storm

    Posted in: Hub Global Commun...

    Thank you to everyone for their responses! I have learned that Chip Wise is my sales rep and we have...

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