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  1. R. Todd Smith
    R. Todd Smith

    The Loch Shop
    Morrow, GA

    103 Points

  2. photo not available
    Andy Dunn

    Lope Shops
    Phoenix, AZ

    98 Points

  3. Jerri Lynn Lyddon
    Jerri Lynn Lyddon

    Saints Bookstore
    Liberal, KS

    69 Points

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  • photo not available

    RE: We took back our store

    Posted in: Hub Global Commun...

    This is great news, Andy! All too often lately we hear about other stores that are being outsourced...

  • photo not available

    Departmental Sale

    Posted in: Hub Global Commun...

    Hello, We have had a department on campus approach us to stock inventory (apparel & novelty items)...

  • Diane Schmitt

    RE: We took back our store

    Posted in: Hub Global Commun...

    That is great news Andy! Welcome back and keep us posted as to your progress! This sounds like a...

  • Michael von Glahn

    RE: new store space or store redesign/renovatio...

    Posted in: Hub Global Commun...

    Hi! Just a reminder that the deadline is approaching to submit your store's renovation or new space...

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