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  1. R. Todd Smith
    R. Todd Smith

    The Loch Shop
    Morrow, GA

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  2. Robb Faust
    Robb Faust

    Cincinnati, OH

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  3. photo not available
    Sandra Zeller

    Columbus State Bookstore
    Columbus, OH

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  • Jim Huang

    briggs single variable calculus

    Posted in: Hub Global Commun...

    We've suddenly been asked to supply books for an additional section of calculus this semester. Unfortunately,...

  • Anthony Grossi, O.S.B.

    Customized Puzzles

    Posted in: Hub Global Commun...

    Hello, Can anyone give me a source to get a custom puzzle made from a picture of our campus? ...

  • Dan Angelo

    RE: Sharing Xtreme! 2014 - Columbus, Ohio

    Posted in: Hub Global Commun...

    Great photos, Rob. Here are a couple of more that I took (i'll try not to duplicate).

  • photo not available

    Results of survey of whether students are charged...

    Posted in: Hub Global Commun...

    We recently asked if students were charged for graduation regalia. I was asked to share the results....

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Xtreme 2014

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